We work with our clients based on a fixed, lump sum maintenance contracts, that allows users of information systems to have clearly defined costs of comprehensive IT services. We realise IT projects on the basis of widely accepted management methodologies such as:

We specialise in activities that take place on the border of broadly understood environmental and information technology. Below is a list of selected projects in which we have participated:



"ENIMPAS Database on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context"
Preparation of webaplication based on database system, that provides data on planned investments, which can affect the environment in a transboundary context.

Phare 2002/000-580.05.03

"Strengthen environmental protection"
This project created a system of "registering of"; collecting and providing information cards describing the administrative decisions taken at various levels of local and national government, having an impact on the environment. The project also created an information portal "Ekoportal" which provides information regarding broadly understood conservation and use of the environment.

Transition Facility 2004/016-829.03.01

"Strengthening environmental protection information system, especially in the field of biological safety GMO"
The project built a system of "ESOD" (Electronic Document Circulation System) that automates administrative decision-making regarding GMOs.

Transition Facility 2005/017-488.03.05

Strengthening the environment administration through information technology systems
As a result of this project, the system "Ekoagregat" was created. The objective of this system was to provide a uniform presentation of data concerning the environment in different registers at the disposal of the Ministry of Environment.

EOG Norway Grants 0082/S/3/2009

"Effective management of Natura 2000"
This project developed a model IT system that automates the tasks related to the implementation of the individual plans of Natura 2000 sites.